Project – Chilaw
Our Mission
We’re located in a local village which includes 100 Sinhalese families (Buddhist & Catholic) in the middle of coconut plantations, The sole purpose of the Project is to bring to Chilaw – Sri Lanka volunteers from around the world to come help the poor people of our village. We are a small nondiscriminatory and non religious organization. People with a variety of skills are welcome! Whatever your age, from 17 to 70, we welcome you to come and help us. Whatever your skills, they can be used to alleviate suffering, improve learning, health, living conditions and the ability to earn a living, to enable children, some of whom are orphans, to have fun and bring comfort to the sick and lonely. The Volunteer Sri Lanka Project offers the opportunity for volunteers to work with children and adults in many different settings.
Here’s the standard list of volunteer assignments

Duration : A minimum period of 1 week to ensure that you have a worthwhile placement and a maximum period of 3 months.

Cost in USD 150 per week per person

(Accommodation and 3 meals per day are included in this fee / common computer / Free WiFi)
Highlights of volunteering with us

Some of our Projects

Teaching after School @ Temple
Teaching @ Village School & Painting Project
Library Project @ Weerapokuna Gov. School
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